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About Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence's Path

Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence's Path, the feature documentary, is about the courage to overcome the fears that come with a heart-wrenching diagnosis. And, the powerful bond of a mother (Therese Davis) and son (Terrence Patridge) who rebuild their lives by doing small things with great love.


Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence's Path is a true story of a young man at the intersection of Autism, hope and music. At an early age, his speech disappears and his sensitivity to sound triggers frequent tantrums. His music therapist introduces him to the trombone. With the help of caring professionals, he makes a slow and steady progress in his ability to function in the world. Years later, his high school music teacher discovers he has perfect pitch. Today, his talent and determination open doors for him to go to college and to play with symphony orchestras, theater productions, jazz ensembles and his church choir.

About Drama House Productions

About BKLYN2LA Productions

Founded by Patrick Scott, Drama House Productions, LLC is a San Diego-based, independent production company that focuses on producing full length feature films, short scripts and web series. Inspiration for all Drama House Productions' films come from a deep appreciation for family and the drama families face in today’s ever changing times.

Founded by Michael Berlin, longtime writer and producer who used his psychology background to produce two documentaries: "Ars Medecina" about a medical mission in the jungles of Guatemala and "Bass Clef Bliss - Terrence's Path," about a boy, diagnosed with Autism, and his mother who worked so valiantly so he could go to college and play trombone in a symphony orchestra and renowned jazz band.